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Questions about how to advertise on this site?

  • Pricing is based on the location in the site. General Banner and Site link advertising is available. Banner placement will involve a "static" not rotating banner promoting your company. The banner can either point to your company's existing homepage, or merely just remain an advertisement.

These fees are good through December 31, 2007.


  • General Banner Advertising:


  • On-line Retailers: This pricing will apply to banner promotion that will allow the user to click on your company's banner and be sent to a page where merchandise is sold directly on-line.

Can I select where my banner is located?
Yes, but we do have a first come first serve basis.

Where will my banner be located?
All banners are located on the bottom, right or left hand side of main page. Ads placed on secondary pages are placed near the top center of the page.

What size does the banner ad need to be and do I give you a .gif or .jpg?
The size can not be bigger then: 350 pixels (wide) x 54 pixels (high). We will accept either .pdf, .gif or .jpg. We do not accept rotational banner ads.

Can someone on your team help me create a banner ad?
Yes, for banner assistance or general discussion, contact us via email at .There will be a minimum $75 charge associated with development of your banner ad.


Make checks payable to:  Classic Bowling Supplies LLC.


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Oviedo, Florida 32765