Storm - Hy-Road X - Midnight Black Solid

  • $ 225.00 USD



This year marks the tenthyear the Hy-Road entered the fray with some grand stories to tell. This franchise is the baseline weapon providing easy access to both power and reaction, ideal for the modern game. Slightly more aggressive than the famed R2S coverstock material, R2X is right in the middle of Storm’s reactivity chart. Its versatilitycan benefit numerous bowlers of various styles. R2X is both powerful and impressively smooth, matched to a 1500-grit polished gleamthat should be the standard by which all bowling balls are judged. Allowing for even greater control, the ease of drilling that’s evident in the highly-engineered Inverted Fe2 weight block allows for a greater amount of coverstock material to be utilized. Sizeable carry gains upwards of 15% have been noted from all styles of play during testing. The solid black chassis that honors the Hy-Road X provides real-time feedback as it hugs the lane for a truer read. The unique manufacturing process that’s applied at the beginning of every Hy-Road X’s life is often imitated, but never duplicated. Look inside and you’ll see a player-preferred shape that inspires confidence. Join us in celebrating the most beloved ball in Storm’s -and perhaps the world’s -history with the Hy-Road X.

COVERSTOCK: R2X™ Solid Reactive

WEIGHT BLOCK: Inverted Fe² Technology™

FACTORY FINISH: 1500-grit Polished

BALL COLOR: Midnight Black Solid


FRAGRANCE: Blackberry