Bowling Tips

Bowling Tip #1 - Equipment Choice

Remember to buy the proper equipment.  Not only for lane condition changes, but one that is condusive to your style of bowling.  Having the right equipment will not only produce a better overall experience, but your personal confidense level will also increase resulting in better scores and higher averages.

Bowling Tip #2 - Have Fun

Remember, ITS JUST A GAME! Attitude is probably the most important rule in this game.  Getting angry will not help your game.  Learn from your prior experiences and overcome the problem.  Ask your house if there are personal coaches available to assist or offer suggestion.

Bowling Tip #3 - Using Insert Tape
The use of insert tape for the thumb hole is very important. Having a good grip on the ball is a necessity to a relaxed swing. Using white textured tape on the gripping side of the hole seems to work best. It gives you something to hold onto without really having to grip tightly. A recommended fit would have your thumb exit the ball smoothly without hanging up or slipping off. This will also allow for a smooth and loose arm swing which helps greatly in repeating shots. If the ball feels like it is slipping, add a piece of tape. If you feel that it is a little snug, remove a piece. This is much easier than altering your grip.

Bowling Tip #4 - Preparing Your Shoes
Brushing the slide portion of your shoe from heel to toe with a wire brush will decrease slide and improve leverage. If even less slide is desired, brush side to side.

Bowling Tip #5 - Getting The Right Hook
When getting an over/under reaction. That is too much hook when missing a little right, and not enough hook when missing left. Try using a green scotch bright pad on your ball just enough to remove the shine. This will mellow the reaction and give you a more consistent reaction.

Bowling Tip #6 - Keeping Your Eye On The Target
Keeping your eye on your target from start to finish will eliminate many inconsistencies in the approach. You would be surprised how difficult it is to do three times in a row, let alone a league night or tournament. Remember, start to finish without losing sight of it.