Hammer - Overseas - ULTIMA BLACK SOLID - Black

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15.3 3.1 3.0 - 4.0

Hammer Ultima Solid Bowling Ball

It was a “multi-density core” with a high specific density. By incorporating a pack with a high specific density at the bottom of the core, it is possible to create a flare potential that has been mechanically increased to the limit equivalent to that of a vertically long core. This concept is a common item that has been passed down from the first Ultima in the domestic era, and can be said to be a policy. The improvement of ball performance by this big flare is remarkable, and the reaction to bend from anywhere is exactly the official appearance of “Hooking Monster = Ultima”. With the power of the super-attack type core revived by the aggressive brand HAMMER, it is a triumphant return of the new Ultima series.

Overseas bowling balls are approved for all sanctioned USBC league and tournament play, but may not approved for PBA competition. Please check all rules and regulations before competition.